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Backpacking is a form of low cost, independent travel. This includes the use of public transport; Cheap accommodation such as youth hostels; Often longer duration of travel than traditional holidays; And are generally interested in seeing local people as well as sightseeing. Despite the name, passengers carrying luggage do not have to be included in the backpack, although this is a common practice.

The definition of a backpacker has evolved as travelers from different cultures and regions participate in the trend. A 2007 paper stated, “Backpackers formed a heterogeneous group in relation to the variety of rationales and meanings associated with their travel experiences.

He also demonstrated a general commitment to a non-institutional form of travel, which was central to his self-identification as a backpacker. “Backpacking, as a lifestyle and a business, has grown tremendously in the 2000s due to low-cost airlines. Hostel or budget accommodation in many parts of the world.

Visa laws in many countries enable people with restricted visas to work and support themselves while they are in those countries.

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