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If you are looking for a magic show to dodge and amaze your little ones, then our fantastic Frog magicians really do this!

Our magic party offers an incredible blend of jaw-dropping magical tricks and hilarious comedy, which will surprise the kids for one minute, to wander into a fit of giggles the next!

Our shows are completely charming and brilliantly interactive. We fully involve the children in all respects. As a frog, the frog kills the children with thin objects missing in the air; they are amazed with the stupid magic wand, and do not reveal the objects from anywhere!

Our shows are completely exclusive to frogles, and are filled with superb comedy gags and colorful props, which kids like, which makes it really a magical party!

Not only this, we also include a mix of party games and dancing for children, and every child gets a prize!

The frogles will come out wearing the clothes of their magnificent wizard, and bring all the props and equipment needed for the show, so you do not have to worry about anything. Just sit back, relax and let us make a party to remember it!

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