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In a zip line, there is a patch on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, which is on the slopes. It is designed to be driven by cargo or a person by gravity, which is traveling down from the top of the desired cable or is connected to the freely running pulley.

The most common types of active zip line breaks are leather gloves and brake pads. To slow down the participants, a glove or brake pad should be pressed against the zip line cable. For many reasons, active brakes increase the risk of injuries to participants. It is easy for the participants to forget the excitement of this moment and forgetting the break and breaking instructions in adrenaline. In addition, forcing the active brake rider to keep their hands and organs close to the fast moving zipper line components. Proximity alone increases the risk that a participant will either burn a friction on an exposed piece of skin, or the rider will muzzle his hand from being caught in the trolley. These injuries are one of at least serious injuries while dealing with active injuries. The worst injuries associated with active breaks are deadly.

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